Rates – ENC 2016

Instructions for registration [here]

Workshop paper: $2,000 MXN
Additional paper: $500 MXN
Poster: $800 MXN
Graduate colloquium: $800 MXN

This rate includes:
– Publication on the ENC proceedings
– Access to conferences by keynote speakers
– Poster Session
– Author goodies
– Dinner & welcome cocktail

Professor $500 MXN
Student $200 MXN
Local organization committee: $0 MXN

This rate includes:
– Access to conferences by keynote speakers
– Poster session
– Student rates includes access to one tutorial of your choice

Additional items
Tutorial*: $100.00
Programming competition: $70 MXN

* There are LIMITED SPOTS for tutorials and, depending on the demand, there will be
opportunities for attending. Students who decide to attend an additional tutorial (besides the complimentary one) will be subject to a $100 MXN rate per additional tutorial.