Workshops at ENC 2016

Workshop on Algorithmic Issues on Applications and Computer Systems

An Information System collects, process and manages data with the objective of extract valuable information; thus, that knowledge can be used to support decisions of users. Among the critical components of an Information System excel the number of algorithms designed and optimized to handle its specific requirements. This workshop focuses on the performance’s study of such algorithms. Contributions may range from theoretical work to descriptions of applied research and real-world systems. We especially encourage doctoral students to present their research.

The workshop accepts short manuscripts about:
– the novelty usage of algorithms on Information Systems
– the theoretical or experimental study of algorithms as applied on real datasets
– the engineering of algorithms to fulfill real-world requirements

Organizers: Karina Figueroa, Eric S. Tellez.

Workshop on Clinical Computing and Medical Informatics

Healthcare environments are complex and challenging to manage, as they are required to cope with an assortment of patient conditions under various circumstances. Clinical Computing and Medical Informatics deal with the resources, devices, and methods required to optimize the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of information in health and biomedicine. This workshop aims to gather technology experts and practitioners contributing to the assessment, development and deployment of medical informatics systems, including applications for social wellness. The workshop will act as a forum for discussing recent results and on-going work. It will consist of interactive talks by participants, a keynote presentation, and a panel discussion on the current state and future research directions of medical informatics.

Organizers: Marcela D. Rodríguez, Ana I. Martínez García, Alicia Martínez.

Workshop on Soft Computing Applications

The term Soft Computing represents a collection or set of computational techniques in machine learning, computer science and some engineering disciplines, which investigate, simulate, and analyze very complex issues and phenomena. WCSA’16 aims to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners to present the latest achievements and innovations in the interdisciplinary areas of soft computing, to discuss thought-provoking developments and challenges, to consider potential future directions. One of the objectives of the conference is to encourage participation by young researchers; to this end student papers will be given special consideration.

Organizers: Ángel G. Andrade, Anabel Martínez, Guillermo Galaviz, Oscar Montiel, Roberto Sepúlveda.

Workshop on Artificial Intelligence: Methods and applications.

The workshop has an aim of building and integrating a common space for the interchange of experiences, ideas and opinions for those interested in the development of Artificial Intelligence, its methods and applications in diverse fields of engineering and technology. This will be achieved by fostering interaction among research groups and individuals, which in turn promotes the establishment of initiatives for further collaboration in academic networks. In addition, it will serve as a space for presentation and dissemination of graduate students’ research activities and results. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: Statistical pattern recognition; Search and optimization algorithms; Image recognition; Intelligent methods in bioinformatics; Intelligent systems and their applications to natural language processing; Robotics and industrial applications; Logic-based knowledge representation; Automated reasoning; Multi-agent systems.

Organizers: Félix Fernando Gonzalez Navarro, Juan Carlos Nieves Sánchez, Fernando Orduña Cabrera, Jorge Eduardo Ibarra Esquer, Jesús Caro Gutiérrez.

Workshop on Knowledge Discovery and Cloud Computing Applications (KDCloudApps)

The purpose of the Second International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery and Cloud
Computing Applications (KDCloudApps) is to bring together researchers, developers and
practitioners from academia, government, and industry to discuss and exchange recent advances, results, experiences and lessons learned from the development of applications that apply tools, techniques, methods, and models supported by Knowledge Discovery (KD) and Cloud Computing (CC) technologies. Additionally, KDCloudApps also provides a forum to discuss how KD and CC technologies can interact in order to provide more scalable and flexible intelligent information systems.

Organizers: Víctor Jesús Sosa Sosa, Maricela Claudia Bravo Contreras, José Alejandro Reyes Ortiz, René F. Navarro, Fernando Martínez Reyes.

Workshop on Network Systems and Protocols (WNSP)

The aim of the Workshop on Network Systems and Protocols (WNSP 2016), is to bring together researchers from the academia and practitioners from the industry in order to address fundamentals of networked systems and the new applications related to them. Areas addressed by the workshop include applications, service-oriented computing, middleware, social networking, data management and services, all with special focus on the software aspect of networking; this is not, for example, a forum to present PHY layer issues. The workshop will provide a forum where researchers shall be able to present and exchange recent research results, ideas, new research problems and directions related to them. It seeks contributions presenting novel or ongoing research in topics within the scope of the workshop.

Organizers: J. Antonio García Macías, Rolando Menchaca Méndez